Meyer International Marketing

Finest GIfts & Academic Regalia Since 1978


Three decades of commitment to delivering the finest gifts, souvenirs and graduation regalia.

Trusted & Agile

MIM brings you both trustworthiness and contemporary flexibility. Founded back in 1978, Meyer commenced its business in office and industrial supplies, dealing with stationary, printing and packaging. From 1982 onwards, MIM expanded its scope of business to venture into corporate gifts and tourist souvenirs, and has also added graduation regalia to the extensive list of products it manufactures.

After more than three decades, MIM has established branch offices in Europe and the Far East, and is proud of its continued dedication to deliver quality products and services to customers while innovating alongside its clients.

Style & Quality

MIM is committed to provide the highest level of standard and services to its customers, employees and vendors. Having served the selected segment of tourist industries and premium markets through distribution network for three decades, MIM continually seeks to establish internationally recognised standard of excellence. 

Having established our network of manufacturers in the Asia, this has given MIM a competitive advantage to provide the best prices, as well as innovative customisations for its clients. This direct relationship with its manufacturing partners allows for a greater scrutiny over product details and product quality.

All lasting business is built on friendship
— Alfred A Montapert