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University & Faculty Regalia

Bachelor/ Masters Regalia

The distinguishing feature of the Master gown is the sleeves. They drape freely to the wrist extending back, in the classic crescent shape, below the knee. Twin front panels and wide pleats parallel the zipper closure, the gown is to be worn closed. The hood is of the same material as the gown. It is lined with the official colour of the conferring degree and with a velvet border indicating the degree. Master Regalia completes with a traditional mortarboard and a black tassel.

Doctorate Regalia

The luxurious doctoral gown has twin front velvet panels sweep down the length of the gown, softly curving around the neck. The unmistakable mark of the doctor’s gown is the three bars of velvet and gold linings on each of the full flowing rounded sleeve. These crossbars of velvet are of the colour distinctive of the disciplines to which the degree pertains. Precision fluting around the shoulders and back create smooth, graceful folds and flows making the gown generously and comfortably full. A rich cord and button are added for a fine finishing touch. It is designed and supplied with zipper in the front as the gown is worn closed. 

The hood velvet edge of the hood represents your discipline, the satin colours your school and the overall size and shape represent the achievement of your doctoral degree. Doctoral Regalia comes with a traditional tam with six-corner. It is styled in black velvet and a gold metallic tassel.

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